Such a good Day



I've realised In such a good place we are living

Where lie is a king and he’s forgiven

Wouldn’t we give all to taste the glory

and through standing still Change our story


Hear the tone The center of your wisdom

Don’t fight too long Don’t beg to be gone


Moment you cast on surrender In fight… …You win me in my eyes.. Truth won’t defy but could be the reason I feel good with my lies

Written and directed by Monika Kmita

Director of photography – Maciej Sobieraj

Cast: Małgorzata Foremniak, Robert Gonera, Tomasz Bazan

Mastering: Studio Arton Artur Głębocki

Production house - MAKATA Executive producer - Jan Szczeniowski

Producer - Dominika Głuchowska

Production assistant - Kuba Skwara

Music - Piotr Stankiewicz

Lyrics, vocals - Jarosław Nuszczynski

Music production - Piotr Stankiewicz, Jarosław Nuszczyński

Set designer – Natalia Giza

Props – Kuba Dąbrowski

Props assistant – Kacper Guranowski

Costume designer – Wiola Uliasz

Make up & hair – Ola Przyłuska

Postproduction – COLOROFFON

Postproduction manager – Agata Krynicka

Editor – Konrad Styczeń

Colour grading – Frederick van Eden

Graphic designer – Adam Caban

Sound studio - GŁOŚNO

Sound designer - Darek Podhajski Sound

Postproduction Manager - Ania Bileńska

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